The 2017 Milkweed Seedball Initiative was our BIGGEST YET!

During the spring and summer of this year, we’ve partnered with some amazing organizations and conservation professionals around the state, who have held over 80 educational seedball-rolling events! Almost 3,500 Iowans have attended!

And, guess what…we’ve rolled over 60,000 seedballs!

With an average of 4 Asclepias Syriaca seeds per ball, that’s more than 250,000 seeds in the ground!

Seedball Distribution During RAGBRAI

During the last week of July, when thousands of riders peddled across the state, we EASILY distributed each and every one of these seedballs at our educational booths along the route. We gave each rider a handful of seedballs, along with instructions about where to toss them along the route.

Here were the locations for this year:

booth locations

And, of course, documentation!