2020 Seedball Efforts

Seven years of seedballing…should be our lucky year, right?

In Iowa, we are counting our blessings, because we have not one, but TWO rides at which to talk about our love of pollinators and native plants!

We plan to have presence at both Iowa’s Ride and RAGBRAI this summer, but that expanding effort means we need even more seedballs and more volunteers!

We’re starting to book seedball-rolling events across the state, and need volunteers to support those events and our distribution booths during the rides. Can you help?

There are lots of ways to be involved!

  • You can arrange a “train-the-trainer” workshop where you invite community leaders to participate in an educational seedball-rolling workshop in preparation to lead their own.
  • You can arrange a seedball-rolling workshop with your organization or group of friends!
  • You can donate materials like clay, soil, or native seed!
  • You can volunteer to distribute seedballs to RAGBRAI riders!

If you’d like to help, email one of our Iowa Leadership Team members today!

Western Iowa? Email nancy@milkweedmatters.org.

Eastern Iowa? Email mary@milkweedmatters.org