The Journey Begins

It’s a little hard to pinpoint exactly where this journey of ours began.  Technically, it was about a month ago, when we received our RAGBRAI tickets in the mail and began brainstorming how to give back during the ride.  We’ve both always been more or less conscious of the natural world around us and those relationships with nature have been amplified since living in Iowa.  Here in the heart of the midwest, there is a sense that people and environment are very intertwined.  Maybe it’s because there are very pronounced seasons.  Maybe it’s because the weather can change without a moment’s notice.  Maybe it’s because wide-open prairies have, for the most part, been replaced with wide-open crops.

Either way, embarking on this Milkweed Matters journey is something about which we are both very passionate and excited.  As we talk to more people about the project, gather support, and produce materials, it’s already amazing and inspiring to see the potential we can have here in our Iowa backyard.  The issue might be more widespread and daunting than we could ever imagine, but that won’t stop us from doing our part.  It’s true: one more milkweed can make all the difference.


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