Spreading Seed

We are done with day 2 of RAGBRAI and I can say that this is more difficut than we thought.  Overall, we’ve seen success, in the form of positive comments from folks about the campaign, curiosity about the issues, and willingness to plant.  We’ve also had many interesting conversations with scientists, farmers, and people who have some connection of their own to the world of Monarchs.  It’s been fascinating to share our story and hear the stories of others.  So far, we’ve planted or distributed over 500 seeds, an awesome figure, although only a fraction of the total 12,900 seeds we brought with us.  It’s difficult, because neither one of us is very salesman-like.  Many folks will ask about my wings, or Carolynn’s t-shirt, and then we strike up a conversation, but we are much more interested in napping after 80 miles on a bike.  There have been certain spots across the route that are filled with a good amount of common milkweed, or open fields without crops threatening to be sprayed.  This is good!