Join Our Riding Team

Join the Milkweed Matters RAGBRAI Riding Team

We are always looking for week-long riders to join us on the RAGBRAI route. Team expectations are listed below, but basically, you’d be riding at your own pace while speaking to fellow-riders about all things monarchs and milkweed and tossing your own endless supply of milkweed seedballs into the route roadsides.

Our team will have a support vehicle and we will be camping either in the public RV camping grounds or a local home each night. Depending on the connections we make along the route, there is always a chance a local MM supporter will offer dinner, or a backyard, or a shower! This is TBD as the ride gets closer. The team’s bags and supplies will be packed up and brought to each following overnight town by the support team; however, each rider is ultimately responsible for their own bags. You put up your own tent, etc. No meals are included in the contributed fee.  We are not a charter!  We are on a mission to spread seedballs, the rest are just casual logistics to get us to and from. Flexibility is key if you want to join the team!

  • A team of riders will complete the full RAGBRAI route while tossing milkweed seedballs from their bikes!
  • Each rider will carry at least 50 seedballs with them each day, to toss from their bike and give out to other interested riders along the route.
  • A big part of the riders’ responsibility is to advocate and educate. Know your stuff for your fellow riders who want to chat about Monarchs and Milkweed.
  • We all wear a custom-designed team jersey, so that fellow riders know who we are, and those run about $70 per jersey.
  • Wings or other Monarch/Milkweed related attire is encouraged!
  • To help cover gas and other weekly expenses, each rider will contribute $100.

Want to help financially? GREAT! CLICK HERE to donate!

Want to be a rider on our team? Complete this interest form and we’ll get back to you within a week with any follow-up information and next steps.  Thank you!!