Can you believe it?!?


Thank you to over 2,000 Iowans who are now Monarch Defenders!


Can you believe it?

Just six months ago, we set out to make 35,000 common milkweed seedballs.  And, then the number was originally tossed out, we all sort of thought to ourselves, “Ha! Yeah right! That would be incredible!” with no idea of how far we’d actually come to reaching that goal. And, incredibly, with hundreds and hundreds of helping hands….

We’ve reached our goal!  Over the spring and summer, we’ve held a couple dozen events with groups and public across the state of Iowa. These audiences have been incredibly interested in the story of the Monarch and her pollinator friends.  They’ve wanted to know every single thing about milkweed and other nectar plants. They’ve been eager to roll as many seedballs as time would allow. And, by golly, we’ve done it!

Check out the page under RAGBRAI/2016 for pictures from some of these events.


Spreading the Word

First, Charity Nebbe, host of Talk of Iowa on Iowa Public Radio liked the Milkweed Matters Facebook page. Then, I received a phone call from IPR asking me to be a guest on an upcoming spot on the recent rise of the Monarch population, then that guest interview happened.  And, now, I’m sharing the stream with you!

Listen to the interview here! 

Hopefully, this is only the beginning of the media’s interest in the seedball initiative for 2016!



Green is Good!

There is so much movement these days with our little RAGBRAI seedball initiative.  Almost 10 seedball making events in the books, including an Eagle Scout project, a nursing home, a house of worship, and of course, a nature center!  600 seedballs down, 34,400 to go!

With all of this movement, we are of course incurring costs for supplies, travel, and future marketing.

Would you like to help us financially?

Click here to find out HOW.

The Monarchs THANK YOU.

Headed South!

The 2016 route has been announced!  Check it out at www.RAGBRAI.com.  Even though the in-between towns won’t be revealed until March, we are still recruiting riding team members and planning our educational booth plans! Already, we have about 5 seedball making events on the books!  Reach out if you’d like to be involved!


Local Celebrity?

The article has it right: I never would have thought I’d be spending of week of my summers in Iowa riding a bike across the state in a butterfly costume, spreading milkweed seeds.  Add to the list that I never thought I’d have a story in the Des Moines Register about the story!  Check it out here.  (Congrats to the others highlighted in the story, too…we are some pretty amazing humans.)

What an honor to be a part of a group of dedicated and caring people.  This year, we’ve been able to combine forces and collaborate with all of the different groups working towards the same cause.  We’re not alone!  We’re all in this together!  Even the Monarchs are here with us!

Expert Learning

chip karen

Here we are, with two of the finest in Monarch conservation efforts.  On the left, Dr. Chip Taylor, founder of Monarch Watch.  On the right, Dr. Karen Oberhauser, founder of Monarch Joint Venture.  Both spoke this spring to packed houses about the flight and plight of the Monarch.  Old and young alike came out to learn, advocate, and connect.